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About Us

Our Story

As ‘90s adolescents growing up in Cambridge Leo and Sebastian met due to a mutual love of skateboarding. As young men they both moved away and fell out of touch. After a few years of wandering the globe, they met again when they both found themselves living back in their hometown. As young adults with refining interests they reconnected through a new shared passion – wine. After many an hour spent chatting over many a bottle of wine in a cosy, distinctly continental feeling wine bar located adjacent to the River Cam, they had the idea that delivering that experience to others in the UK would be a worthwhile ambition.


The result: a stylish, eco-friendly mobile wine bar on wheels specialising in wine tastings and offering artisanal drinking experiences in which wine lists, cocktails and beer selection can be customised to a suit variety of tastes and budgets.


While they are happy to evolve in knowledge of wine and drink some things do stay the same: Leo and Seb still hit up the skate park of their youth from time to time (which explains the occasional bumps and bruises).

The Team



Leo’s wandering creative mind darts around between song writing, experimenting in the kitchen and innumerable other hobbies, but he’s happily honed it in on his wine studies (to supplement his many years of extensive wine consumption).



Seb’s memory works in a very mysterious way. He can tell you every detail of that obscure wine maker he met in Bulgaria that one time. Just don’t ask him where his phone or the van keys are.



Proudly bearing the name of her first father, Christafette is the group’s wise elder. Born in 1970 in the south of France, Seb and Leo like to think that Christafette looks after them.