We welcome Vedett to Christafette


A very special moment in the history of Through the Grape Van’s journey has recently taken place; we have introduced two beer taps into Christafette in collaboration with Duvel Moortgat.

Over the course of the unusually hot summer we realised that, although our focus will remain on our passion for wine and supplying great wines, people wanted something to cool down with and quite often that was a cold beer. In order to encompass what we believe Through the Grape Van stands for, we refused to go down the route of using ‘standard’ beers such as Fosters etc. Luckily for us our suppliers, Cambridge Wine Merchants, have a close relationship with the Duvel Moortgat, producers of some of the best beers in Belgium, and we all know how well the Belgians do beer. Just ask myself, being half Belgian (and slightly biased) but I do not believe Leo is to far behind me in concurrence.

We were immediate put in contact with John Leape and the journey began. John instantly believed in the project we are undertaking and was on board. We have to give massive credit here as they got the ball rolling extremely quickly and efficiently and within a matter of weeks we had 2 engineers coming down from Sunderland of all places to fit in a state of the art cooler and two clip-on taps for pouring the beer. Being slightly naive in the beer game we hadn’t realised that we would need a CO2 canister at the time to try the beer so we stood there blankly looking at all the lovely beer we couldn’t have! I am sure you can imagine how that felt.

Fast-forward a week, CO2 in hand, a thirst and excitement building, we realise that we still aren’t completely sure on the process to hook up the keg! Panic! Incredibly, aided by the cool weather, we managed to freeze the cooler by not running beer through it first, hence blocking the pipes. A simple matter of defrosting however, due to the arctic climate of the past week, the wait would have to continue!

Move forward another 3 days and this time we knew we couldn’t fail and finally we didn’t. My word did it feel (taste) good! Our tap beer was here and the first pint of Vedett looked immense! Here’s a little look at the taps straight after installation.

We are very proud to have such a high quality supplier such as Duvel Moorgat behind us as it will allow us to change up what we have on tap, ranging from a crisp lager such as Vedett through to delicious fruit beers for the summer. You can literally choose what beers we bring to you! So thank you John and Duvel Moorgat.

We hope you look forward to trying the beer for the first time from Christafette at our Hope Street Night Market on the 21st December, 17:00-22.00 which will have local street market stalls, food from the MacDaddy and plenty of live music!



Sebastian and Leonardo.